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Solving cloud console fatigue for enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO -- As more on-premises applications and data move to cloud services, enterprise security teams have found themselves dealing with a new problem: cloud console fatigue.

Many platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings have their own dedicated security controls and consoles to track user activity, configurations and other elements. But as organizations expand the number of PaaS and IaaS providers they rely on, security teams are forced to use a growing number of cloud consoles to enforce security, leading to fatigue for infosec professionals.

Skyhigh Networks is hoping a new approach will alleviate some of that cloud console fatigue. The cloud access security broker (CASB) introduced a new approach to the problem that provides a central management console for public cloud resources. Kamal Shah, senior vice president of products and marketing at Skyhigh, said enterprises are "tired of having multiple security consoles to go to and multiple places to define policies."

Shah spoke with SearchSecurity at RSA Conference 2017 about how Skyhigh has expanded its CASB model to address cloud console fatigue. He also talked about how enterprises today are addressing the issue of shadow IT in the cloud and how SaaS vendors are improving security features to meet the demands of enterprises.

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