Security, cloud monitoring tools viewed as cloud adoption barriers

SAN FRANCISCO -- The gains in efficiency and cost that can be made from moving to the cloud can be immense. As a result, more and more organizations are looking to move data and applications into the cloud environment, but, according to Eric Chiu, co-founder and president of virtualization and compliance vendor HyTrust Inc., security continues to be one of the major cloud adoption barriers.

In this video interview, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, Chiu discussed an array of cloud security issues. Among the chief concerns he sees in the cloud security arena is monitoring, particularly the lack of good cloud monitoring tools. If an organization can't distinguish between a user performing a good action or a bad one, he said, convincing them to move sensitive data and applications to the cloud will be a hard sell.

Beyond cloud monitoring issues, Chiu also took time to emphasize that securing virtualized and cloud environments is not the same as securing traditional physical environments. For organizations to be successful in securing cloud instances, Chiu said they must move beyond the mindset of just installing the usual antivirus programs. Thankfully, he feels cloud security standards from the Cloud Security Alliance and NIST are doing a good job of addressing these issues, though he cautioned that more work is still needed.

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