John Howie discusses CSA initiatives, cloud adoption issues at RSA

SAN FRANCISCO -- Even though virtually all enterprises use at least some cloud-based services, there are still hurdles in the way of more widespread cloud adoption, with security the most often-cited concern. The Cloud Security Alliance, in conjunction with ISACA, conducted a study last year that broke down the top 10 issues eroding cloud confidence.

In this video, recorded at RSA Conference 2013, John Howie, COO of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), detailed the findings of that report and the steps the CSA is taking to address those cloud adoption issues. Among them, Howie explained why the CSA recently recommended Microsoft's Cloud Security Readiness Tool and how it can help determine whether an organization can adopt or expand cloud-based services. Howie also took time to measure the progress the CSA made since its creation and what the future holds for the organization, including the work currently being performed on version 2 of the Trusted Cloud Initiative.

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