Face-off: Assessing cloud computing risks

This video is a part of the SearchCloudSecurity.com learning guide, Cloud computing risk management: Assessing key risks of cloud computing.

Cloud computing offers enterprises many enticing capabilities that could save companies significant hardware and computing costs. But as with any offloading of services, there is a risk that must be considered and absorbed as well. Companies choosing to buy processing power, services or store data in the cloud must vet their providers well and ultimately trust that their security processes meet your needs. Security experts Bruce Schneier, CTO of BT Global Services, and Marcus Ranum, CTO at Tenable Network Security, debate all sides of the issue in this Face-Off. Schneier and Ranum are at odds over whether there are really any new risks associated with cloud computing, how much trust organizations should have in a provider and what questions you need to ask. This is a recorded version of their popular point-counterpoint columns published regularly in Information Security magazine.

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