Can enterprises really count on cloud computing cost savings?

Enterprises naturally assume that they'll be saving costs when they consolidate IT services in the cloud. They no longer have to maintain their own servers, large IT staffs and other costs associated with maintaining technology in-house. Cloud computing cost savings are also at the forefront of every pitch that cloud service providers make to potential clients. Unfortunately, Char Sample, CERT security solutions engineer, finds that companies don't save nearly as much, and sometimes spend more, after migrating to the cloud than is usually thought.

In this video interview, Sample discusses whether cost savings from cloud computing can really be achieved, plus several other challenges involved with using services in the cloud. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS all utilize software libraries that contain vulnerabilities, but these vulnerabilities are largely unknown at this point and will surely lead to security breaches. Cloud encryption poses another unique problem with several different options for enterprises to pursue. Cloud service providers also attempt to achieve cost efficiencies whenever possible, Sample says, but efficiencies often mean sacrificing security which means the cloud becomes easier to hack. Enterprises looking to the cloud for answers will likely have more questions as a result.

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