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Prepare for the CCSP cloud certification exam: Domain 1

Can you explain the difference between public and private cloud? Outline security issues in PaaS vs. IaaS? Identify the characteristics of a cloud service? Brush up on these topics and more in this SearchSecurity School.


In some ways, cloud security is no different than the traditional model of information security; in both respects, the threats are complex and ever-evolving. But it would be naïve to suggest that securing cloud assets doesn’t require specialized skills. One program validating infosec professionals’ knowledge in this area is the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) cloud certification, co-developed by (ISC)2 and the Cloud Security Alliance.

As you might expect, attaining CCSP cloud certification is no walk in the park. Before you can even sit for the exam, you’ll need at least five years of full-time work experience in IT -- three of those years must be in information security and at least one year must be related to cloud computing. A four-hour test, the CCSP cloud certification exam is divided in six domains.

This SearchSecurity Security School, based on (ISC)² CCSP training material, covers the fundamentals of Domain 1 of the exam, Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements. Once you've reviewed the parts of this Security School on cloud computing concepts, architectures and secure design principles, take the quiz to see how prepared you are for Domain 1 of the CCSP cloud certification exam. 

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CCSP cloud certification: Domain 1 study guide

Domain 1 accounts for 19% of your grade on the CCSP cloud certification exam. It requires candidates to demonstrate understanding of cloud computing concepts, cloud reference architectures, security concepts relevant to cloud computing, secure cloud design principles and how to identify trusted cloud services. The following resources will help you master the concepts in Domain 1.


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