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Cloud-based identity and access management services

Finding the cloud-based identity and access management services and providers that meet your enterprise's needs can be challenging. Dave Shackleford offers the inside scoop on some of today's top cloud provider's IAM offerings.

Cloud-based identity and access management services are becoming more and more popular among enterprises today due to their promise of simplified management and lowered costs. However, finding the service provider that offers what your enterprise is looking for can be a challenging task.

Tune into this exclusive podcast now to hear cloud security expert Dave Shackleford offer the low-down on today's top cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) service providers.

Gain insight into the IAM functions and features offered by vendors including Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Salesforce – such as password management, credential management, multi-factor authentication, role-based access management, single sign-on, API support, reporting, dashboards and more.

About the author:
Dave Shackleford is the owner and principal consultant of Voodoo Security, lead faculty at IANS, and a SANS analyst, senior instructor, and course author. He has consulted with hundreds of organizations in the areas of security, regulatory compliance, and network architecture and engineering, and is a VMware vExpert with extensive experience designing and configuring secure virtualized infrastructures.

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