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CSA top 10 big data security, privacy challenges and how to solve them


Big data monitoring: Even the best fall down sometimes

Source:  Thinkstock

Challenge: One of the most difficult big data analytics issues is that of real-time security monitoring, for the challenge lies not only in monitoring the big data infrastructure itself, but also in using that infrastructure to perform data analytics for the enterprise.

Securing the big data infrastructure and platform is of the essence. Common threats --such as rogue access, application exploits and eavesdropping -- must be considered, as well as false positives, evasion attacks and other nontechnical barriers, for example legal regulations.

Solution: While the CSA recommends adopting a variety of security best practices, it notes that the market for such products is not quite mature. New technologies and tools are being developed and announced on an ongoing basis, so it is important to keep researching this growing market segment.

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