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CSA top 10 big data security, privacy challenges and how to solve them


Auto-tiering storage: Do you know where your data is?

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Challenge: While auto-tiering has become a necessity for big data storage management, it presents a plethora of vulnerabilities due to untrusted storage services, inconsistent security policies and/or a lack of physical possession of data.

Having no control over where data is moving to and when -- or which level of security it will receive -- is simply unacceptable from a data security standpoint.

Solution: Unfortunately, there is no magical solution for the challenges posed by auto-tiering storage. Many available products satisfy general security requirements such as data confidentiality, integrity and availability. According to the CSA, siloed technologies must be adopted to address prominent issues such as dynamic data operations, privacy preservation and secure manipulations on encrypted data.

Possible strategies for these include implementing a formal framework for dynamic provable data possession (DPDP), network-based auto-tiering storage systems, privacy-preserving auditing and/or homomorphic encryption.

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