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CSA top 10 big data security, privacy challenges and how to solve them


Big data security, big data privacy issues, big decisions

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Dynamic cloud environments paired with high volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data produced by companies today -- commonly referred to as big data --have introduced a multitude of security and privacy issues for organizations to contend with.

Cloud computing is having both positive and negative effects on the big data deluge; as data becomes more accessible thanks to the cloud, managing where it is and who has access to it is an increasingly daunting challenge. And given the likely growth of enterprise data volume in the cloud -- which is expected to double every two years, from 2,500 exabytes in 2012 to 40,000 exabytes in 2020 -- now is the time to come to grips with the big data problem.

This SearchCloudSecurity slideshow, based on research from The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), explores the top 10 security and big data privacy issues that organizations must be prepared to address.

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