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Rackspace launches compliance assistance and managed security services

Following its shift to a managed cloud services model, Rackspace has moved into the managed security and compliance services space.

Rackspace this week continued its transformation from a wholesale cloud provider to a security-focused firm with the launch of new managed security and compliance services.

Rackspace, which last year made a major strategy shift from a public cloud provider to a managed cloud services model, had previously introduced security and compliance consulting services as part of its managed cloud offering. The San Antonio-based company continues that shift with its Managed Security and Compliance Assistance offering, which delivers services to Rackspace customers for both on-premise and cloud environments.

Perry Robinson, vice president and general manager of managed security at Rackspace, said the Managed Security and Compliance Assistance service was designed to give customers a cost-effective way to add security expertise.

"Security specialists are hard to find, expensive to hire and difficult to retain," Robinson said. "Rackspace has a lot of security expertise, and this is the way to deliver more of it to customers."

The Rackspace Managed Security services suite marks a change from the company's previous approach of offering customers point products such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, which customers then had to integrate into their existing security programs. The new managed security services suite now includes host and network protection, security analytics, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence services.

Rackspace has partnered with leading vendors in the field to provide the backend technology for its managed services, including CrowdStrike for threat intelligence, AlertLogic for network monitoring and LogRhythm for security information and event management. In addition, Rackspace will open a 24/7/365 Customer Security Operations Center located at the company's headquarters this month.

Jarret Raim, senior manager of managed security at Rackspace, said many midmarket and large enterprise customers that already have security programs and operations centers may not yet be focused on security in the cloud. "Customers might need additional security services on top of what they're doing as they expand more into the cloud," Raim said. "We want to make our customers a harder target for attackers."

Meanwhile, Rackspace's Compliance Assistance offers patch monitoring services, user monitoring services and file integrity management. The suite also includes configuration hardening and monitoring services that assign security configuration profiles to hosts for compliance standards such as PCI DSS and logs any deviations or anomalies from those configurations in real time. Rackspace partnered with cloud security vendor CloudPassage to provide real-time compliance monitoring as part of the offering.

Robinson said the company expects the Managed Security and Compliance Assistance offering to appeal to a broad range of existing Rackspace customers. "The midmarket is a place where the services will be appealing because those customers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve their security," he said. "But it's not just hard for smaller companies to manage their security programs. It's all companies."

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