McAfee Database Security to improve Amazon RDS cloud security

With its latest release, McAfee intends to improve Amazon RDS security and prevent cyberattacks with its new McAfee Database Security suite of cloud security products.

In partnership with Amazon Web Services, McAfee launched McAfee Database Security for Amazon Relational Database Service, which aims to increase database activity visibility. Additionally, the cloud-based offering monitors on-premises databases and enables users to identify and prevent cyberattacks.

The McAfee Database Security suite provides real-time protection, management and compliance for cloud-based database workloads to enhance Amazon RDS security. The device-to-cloud cybersecurity vendor claims the security platform is scalable software that monitors the Database Management System.

The McAfee Database Security Suite includes the following products:

  • McAfee Database Activity Monitoring protects data from threats by monitoring activity locally on each database server and intercepting malicious behavior in real time.
  • McAfee Virtual Patching detects missing patches, applies vulnerability-specific countermeasures and fixes misconfigurations found by vulnerability scans without downtime.
  • McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases automates data classification and identification of systems for audits, enables the review and authorization of user rights, identifies security gaps and addresses vulnerabilities.

With this release, AWS customers can access McAfee Database Security for an additional layer of security as well as increased automation to improve productivity and application performance, according to Amazon.

As cloud computing continues to grow in popularity -- the number of cloud managed service providers is expected to triple from 2018 to 2020, according to Gartner -- the potential for accidental exposures, misconfigurations and data breaches of cloud databases also grows; cloud database security is an increasing focus for MSSPs.

McAfee claims the McAfee Database Security for Amazon RDS will enable users to bolster their security and management systems and secure workloads to prevent and recover from cloud database breaches.

McAfee Database Security for Amazon RDS is available now on any instance of Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility; the vendor anticipates additional Amazon RDS database engines will follow.

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