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Palo Alto Networks buys cloud security startup RedLock

Palo Alto Networks looks to bolster its cloud security portfolio with a $173 million acquisition of cloud security startup RedLock and integrate it with technologies.

Cloud security startup RedLock is now a part of Palo Alto Networks, which has agreed to pay approximately $173 million in cash for the company. Palo Alto plans to integrate RedLock's technologies with those it acquired with, another cloud security startup the company purchased in March 2018 for $300 million.

Palo Alto Networks has recently been focused on improving security in public cloud environments, and this latest acquisition will help the company expand and improve its security offerings for cloud customers. Palo Alto's plans for RedLock and include a new comprehensive cloud security offering expected early next year that bundles cloud security analytics, advanced threat detection, continuous security and compliance monitoring into a single package.

Nikesh Arora, chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks said in the announcement that RedLock's technologies enable Palo Alto "to offer the most comprehensive security for multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and significantly strengthens our cloud strategy going forward."

RedLock, headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., launched in 2015 and raised $12 million in venture capital just last year. The cloud security startup has been focused on gathering raw data from customers' networks, including data on enterprise network asset inventory and system configurations, as well as threat intelligence data. Using machine learning techniques, RedLock combines that information with internal network traffic to produce risk maps showing where companies face active threats.

The cloud security startup also brings cloud compliance expertise to Palo Alto. RedLock compliance offerings include support for complying with a wide range of regulations, standards and guidelines including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and the Center for Internet Security.

Palo Alto Networks, based in Santa Clara, Calif., and founded in 2005, offers integration with a broad range of cloud security products, including next-generation firewalls, as well as cloud-based firewall services, with support for cyberdefense through its Security Operating Platform. Palo Alto's cloud security business is expanding, and it boasts more than 6,000 cloud customers using its cloud security portfolio.

Varun Badhwar and Gaurav Kumar, RedLock co-founders, will join Palo Alto Networks, and if all goes well, Palo Alto expects the acquisition to close during its first quarter.

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