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February 2016

Insider edition: How to contain a cloud, and other cloud safety concerns

Now that enterprise data is stored in clouds of all shapes and sizes, IT needs to provide more security options than ever. This ezine supplement focuses on the issue of cloud safety and zones in on three of the latest cloud developments and their challenges.

First, Rob Shapland examines the rise of cloud containers as an emerging best practice in cloud deployments. It this cover story, Shapland explains what cloud containers are and how they may improve enterprise security and, possibly, prove an effective alternative to virtual machines.

In chapter two, Mike Chapple tackles the topics of regulatory compliance in the cloud and outlines a "shared responsibility model" as a way to maintain regulatory compliance when using cloud. Dave Shackleford, in the closing chapter examines the growing phenomena of "shadow" cloud. He explains exactly what shadow cloud is, examines the risks it presents to enterprise security, and presents strategies for solving the issues and ensuring cloud safety and security.

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