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Secure cloud computing requires key skills, knowledge of tools

Cloud is everywhere in IT now -- DevOps, IAM, everywhere. A scary thought for many infosec pros but staying up to date on the best preventive measures is a great first step for keeping company systems and data secure, even in the cloud.


Cloud is now accepted as a dominant force in IT and secure cloud computing is essential to every business. This guide provides the essentials infosec pros need now to understand both the risks of cloud and how to manage them successfully.

Learn what key tools and skills are necessary, from identity and access management for securing cloud to the latest certifications available. This guide will get any infosec pointed in the right direction in order to launch and maintain a security career and keep company systems and data secure, even when it all seems to be up in the cloud.

1IAM controls-

Controlling IAM to secure cloud computing

A key aspect of cloud security involves identity and access management, and that means using IAM tools that are themselves secure. This segment looks both at overall IAM strategy, how IAM tools secure the cloud and also reviews what you need to know if you want to use a cloud-based IAM service. The challenges of cloud security are many when it comes to the cloud, but staying informed of what those challenges may be is the first step to secure cloud computing.


Face the challenges of secure cloud access control

Don't store identity and access data in the cloud without first taking secure cloud access control seriously. Expert Rob Shapland explains the security considerations for enterprises. Continue Reading


Enterprise identity management tools keep cloud hackers at bay

Bringing new application types and integration points into the enterprise, cloud can complicate user identity management. So, how can you be sure your data is secure? Continue Reading


What enterprises need to know about cloud IAM before implementation

Cloud IAM services are growing in popularity among enterprises, but it's not a simple implementation. Expert Matthew Pascucci explains what to know before using a cloud IAM service. Continue Reading


How to get started with IAM services in the cloud

Security is critical in the cloud, so it isn't surprising that identity and access management services are in high demand. Learn why you need IAM, and what services to consider. Continue Reading


IAM strategy: Update to work with new technologies

Your organization needs to make decisions about its IAM strategy in order to keep up with the new technologies its deploying. Steps to take begin at the policy level. Continue Reading

2Cloud apps-

Securing apps in the cloud

Complicating any strategy for secure cloud computing is the ubiquitous app. There truly is an app for everything now, and employees logging on to company networks and using corporate data very often use custom applications to do so. The articles collected here can help teach you how to tackle the security concerns that cloud apps inevitably bring.


The security challenges of custom applications in the cloud

Securing custom applications in the cloud can be a hassle for enterprises. Expert Ed Moyle discusses how to make it easier to secure custom cloud apps. Continue Reading


CSA: Custom applications creating new 'shadow cloud computing' risks

The Cloud Security Alliance unveiled new research at RSA Conference 2017 that shows custom enterprise applications are creating shadow cloud computing risks for organizations. Continue Reading

Blog Post

New security threat: Custom applications in the cloud

New research shows that custom applications in the cloud are running more core business functions today -- without IT security knowing about it. Continue Reading


How can cloud access security brokers improve enterprise security?

Cloud access security brokers can help enterprises enforce security policies in the cloud. Expert Dan Sullivan discusses the benefits. Continue Reading


Prevent ransomware threats to cloud apps with backup, security tools

As ransomware attacks become more sophisticated, cloud-based applications are at risk. Use continuous backup and educate end users to protect your data and apps. Continue Reading

3Cloud DevOps-

The role of DevOps in secure cloud computing

The DevOps approach to creating new software is in use everywhere and the importance of including security in the process is now widely acknowledged. In this section, learn about the key security concerns DevOps entails, where cloud visibility comes in and more. It's possible to deliver cloud apps securely, but understanding the risks and strategizing to minimize them are essential first steps.


Avoiding the most common DevOps security vulnerabilities in the cloud

When applying DevOps principles, like continuous automation and continuous delivery, many organizations are creating DevOps security vulnerabilities in their public cloud. Continue Reading


Delivering mobile apps through enterprise app stores and private clouds

The influx of mobile devices and apps has given IT departments a new mandate: Securely and efficiently deliver mobile apps to end users. Continue Reading


Avoiding the most common DevOps security vulnerabilities in the cloud

When applying DevOps principles, like continuous automation and continuous delivery, many organizations are creating DevOps security vulnerabilities in their public cloud. Continue Reading


Cloud visibility: Manage DevOps and other vulnerabilities

Help is on the way. Companies moving to public cloud infrastructure try out a new crop of cloud visibility tools to monitor configurations and security policy. Continue Reading


Effective DevOps change management for versioning cloud apps

There are many ways to go about versioning your cloud applications, but new approaches may need to be implemented when performing DevOps change management. Continue Reading

4Essential skills-

Upping your cloud security skill set

Possessing certain skills is essential for a infosec career now. The ability to set up and manage IT security tools that, among other things, deliver secure cloud computing to a company is a skill employers demand. Get up to date on the key cloud security certifications and skills companies are seeking now, and prep for your next interview by reviewing the material in this segment.


Designing comprehensive cloud computing security controls

CCSP Domain 3: Multiple layers of cloud security controls mitigate risk Continue Reading


A guide to cloud security certifications for infosec pros

Both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific cloud security certifications have emerged as businesses shift toward cloud computing models that reduce TCO and expand computing capacity. Continue Reading


Four common cloud attacks and how to prepare for them

Cloud attacks are increasingly targeting service providers. Expert Frank Siemons looks at the different types of attacks from which service providers and enterprises should be protected. Continue Reading


How to use a cloud-based sandbox to analyze malware

A cloud-based sandbox can be a helpful tool for enterprises looking to bolster their intrusion prevention systems. Expert Rob Shapland explains how to leverage this technology. Continue Reading


Prepare for your next cloud security manager interview

When interviewing for a cloud security manager position, candidates should be ready to talk about everything, from encryption technology to DevOps. Continue Reading


People with non-IT backgrounds could help fill cyber security skills gap

Organisations should look to fill cyber security roles with people who are curious and have work experience rather than focusing solely on graduates Continue Reading

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