How to fight cloud security threats effectively

Last updated:October 2018

Editor's note

Cloud security -- the use of technology and policy to protect data, applications and virtual infrastructure -- is crucial as more companies move functions and sensitive assets to cloud. This guide brings readers up to date on key cloud security issues and challenges, like the pros and cons of encryption, the latest cloud threats and new cloud-security tools like CASB.

1Managing cloud apps so they stay both useful and secure

Cloud applications, especially custom-tailored ones, supply a wealth of functionality. But in this era of increasing cloud security threats, it’s no simple matter for any IT team to keep cloud apps running and secure. Learn ways to design, deploy and manage apps in cloud.

2Where CASBs fit into today’s cloud computing scene

Cloud access security brokers are one of the newest tools to lock down cloud and fight cloud security threats. Discover what CASBs do, where they fit into the overall security product market, and where that market segment is headed.

3Encryption can help lock up cloud securely, if done right

Encryption is a sophisticated and effective means for providing cloud security. But hackers -- and some governments -- are intent on limiting its potential. Learn when encrypting data can work and how to use it to reap its greatest potential.