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How to fight cloud security threats effectively

Protecting cloud data, applications and infrastructure is a critical part of any company's modern security posture. Here's the latest on cloud security issues and challenges and what tools and techniques work best.


Cloud security -- the use of technology and policy to protect data, applications and virtual infrastructure -- is crucial as more companies move functions and sensitive assets to cloud. This guide brings readers up to date on key cloud security issues and challenges, like the pros and cons of encryption, the latest cloud threats and new cloud-security tools like CASB.


Main cloud security threats revealed and ranked

Given the vital role cloud plays now, it's essential IT teams understand what cloud security issues and challenges they will most likely face. Get expert input on what's most likely to threaten your enterprise.


An expert ranking of the top dozen threats to cloud security threats

The Cloud Security Alliance released a report outlining its "Treacherous 12" list of top cloud security threats. Continue Reading


Latest cloud security threats come from inside cloud

Bad actors are embracing both the advantages and the weaknesses of cloud in their latest attacks. Continue Reading


The top cloud security threats facing infosec pros now

Weaknesses in IoT and APIs, plus human error, are putting enterprise cloud security at risk now. Continue Reading


The 'human touch' that plagues cloud security efforts

All the cloud security tools in the world sometimes are no match for basic human error. Continue Reading

2Cloud apps-

Managing cloud apps so they stay both useful and secure

Cloud applications, especially custom-tailored ones, supply a wealth of functionality. But in this era of increasing cloud security threats, it’s no simple matter for any IT team to keep cloud apps running and secure. Learn ways to design, deploy and manage apps in cloud.


Five ways to assess cloud app performance and security

Testing is essential to make sure cloud apps perform. Learn the five tests security pros need to know how to do. Continue Reading


Apps for cloud security that infosec pros need to know about

Cloud applications can be convenient, but they can also keep enterprises safe. Learn about five apps that deliver services plus security. Continue Reading


Custom apps: Key cloud security threats and challenges

Custom applications provide unique capabilities but can be a hassle to secure. Learn how to make custom app security easier. Continue Reading


Cloud security threats: What tools and principles work best?

There are two aspects to application security: security designed into the app and security measure that protect it from without. Learn how to work both angles. Continue Reading


Cloud computing now: More providers and security issues

The rise in the number of cloud security providers brings with it an increase in cloud security threats. Learn what you need to watch for and how to fight threats. Continue Reading


Where CASBs fit into today’s cloud computing scene

Cloud access security brokers are one of the newest tools to lock down cloud and fight cloud security threats. Discover what CASBs do, where they fit into the overall security product market, and where that market segment is headed.


CASBs tackle a wide range of cloud security threats

Key CASB features provide threat protection, data loss prevention and more. Continue Reading


Oracle VP delivers views on future of cloud computing

Cloud providers and third-party companies are acquiring cloud security companies as they try to provide tools to address corporate IT security concerns. Continue Reading


Will CASBs, or anything, be able to close this backdoor?

New research says backdoors in clouds are a rising danger for enterprise security. What options are available to thwart this latest cloud security threat? Continue Reading

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CASB acquisitions consolidate key security market

As cloud access security broker companies are quickly acquired, few stand-alone players remain in the market. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Continue Reading


Cloud security threats spark acquisitions of hot startups

Cloud providers and third-party companies are acquiring cloud security companies as they try to provide tools to address corporate IT security concerns. Continue Reading


Encryption can help lock up cloud securely, if done right

Encryption is a sophisticated and effective means for providing cloud security. But hackers -- and some governments -- are intent on limiting its potential. Learn when encrypting data can work and how to use it to reap its greatest potential.


Data encryption needs differ; here's how to classify them

Prioritizing which data gets encrypted first can help enterprises use their scarce IT resources more wisely. Continue Reading


Learn how lattice-based cryptography may improve security

What is lattice-based cryptography and how does it deliver stronger encryption? Continue Reading


Attackers undermining the security of encrypted virtualization

A new exploit, SEVered, is targeting the SEV hardware feature and threatens VMs. Continue Reading


Microsoft fights cloud security threats with secure enclaves

Learn how the software giant is improving security for cloud storage. Continue Reading


Five Eyes government alliance pushing for backdoors

Law enforcement in five nations are pushing for backdoors to encrypted data and devices. Continue Reading

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