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The cloud has fundamentally changed IT. And with this change, confidence in security and privacy weigh on the minds of every security, IT and Ops professional from the executive to the manager.

That’s where we come in. SearchCloudSecurity.com is a trusted source for cloud security news, analysis and case studies. We provide IT professionals with real-world examples of current cloud security trends including, securing applications in the cloud, cloud incident response, controlling your public and private cloud, IT cloud security certifications and more.

Gain unbiased reporting and analysis from our award-winning independent security editorial team. Our experts include editorial director Robert Richardson, site editor Rob Wright, along with renowned consultants including Johna Till Johnson, CEO and founder of Nemertes Research, Nick Lewis, CISSP, Michael Cobb, CISSP-ISSAP, and more. With decades of combined experience, we have the patience and perspective to see today’s threats in the lens of yesterday’s problems and tomorrow’s advancements.

Our site explores topics such as: cloud security management, cloud operations security, SaaS, IaaS, compliance, audits, data governance, and more.  

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