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S3 bucket security best practices: Know your options

Security teams have plenty of tools at their disposal to help their organizations achieve and maintain S3 bucket security. Learn about the threats and best practices to stay safe.


The state of the traffic mirroring market

Enterprises with the resources to deploy traffic mirroring are gaining security benefits. Frank Siemons explains how traffic mirroring has adapted to new and evolving cyber-risks.


How to evaluate cloud service providers

Many cloud providers are tight-lipped about internal security control details. Learn how to evaluate cloud security providers with certifications and third-party assessments.

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Add multi-cloud security to your infosec program

When using multiple cloud service providers, it's critical to consider your enterprise's cloud scope and the specifics of each cloud service to maintain security.

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  • Cloud Data Storage, Encryption and Data Protection Best Practices

    AWS exposure includes 1 TB of Attunity backups

    UpGuard security researchers found publicly exposed Amazon S3 buckets from data management firm Attunity, which included company credentials and data from enterprise clients.

  • Cloud Patch Management and Cloud Configuration Management

    AWS re:Inforce addresses accidental data exposures

    AWS re:Inforce, the cloud provider's inaugural security conference, addressed the problems of misconfigurations and data exposures with new tools, like Control Tower.

  • Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) Security

    Threat Stack adds application security monitoring to platform

    Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring will bring security, visibility and protection to cloud-based architecture and applications, according to the vendor.