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Multi-cloud implementation demands centralization

When moving to a multi-cloud infrastructure, there are a few strategies to keep in mind. Learn how centralization will limit the challenges of fragmented security access and monitor controls.


Multi-cloud deployment requires these risk considerations

Single-cloud architecture poses some challenges, which has led to a new trend in adopting multi-cloud designs. Discover whether multi-cloud is right for your enterprise.

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Cloud security immaturity? It's on you

Cloud security begins at home. Considering the human factor in cybersecurity is step one when it comes to addressing how to keep critical assets safe in cloud.


Cloud risks created by human error and even privacy laws

Hackers are after your assets in the cloud. Here's how they get in and what you can do to plug security holes, starting with minimizing the risks created through human error.

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Cloud Security Basics

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    Consider a top-down and bottom-up cloud strategy

    You'll need to burn the security 'candle' at both ends to keep cloud safe from both nation-state hackers and vulnerabilities caused by human error.

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    Navigate multi-cloud security

    For many enterprises, implementing multi-cloud security is complicated. Here's a breakdown of the must-know multi-cloud terms for organizations setting up this type of deployment.

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    Four tips for network security in the cloud

    Building a secure network in the cloud is different from securing a traditional network. Learn what the main differences are and how to establish cloud networking security.

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  • Cloud Patch Management and Cloud Configuration Management

    First big Kubernetes security vulnerability discovered

    News roundup: A critical Kubernetes vulnerability was found in the system's API server and could have a wide reach. Plus, ESET found 21 new Linux malware families, and more.

  • Cloud Computing Compliance, Audit and Data Governance

    Palo Alto bolsters cloud with security startup RedLock

    Palo Alto Networks looks to bolster its cloud security portfolio with a $173 million acquisition of cloud security startup RedLock and integrate it with technologies.

  • Cloud Provisioning and Cloud Identity Management Issues

    Netflix shares new approach for monitoring credentials in AWS

    At Black Hat 2018, a Netflix security engineer introduced a new open source tool designed to more effectively monitor AWS credentials in large cloud environments, like Netflix's.