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Compliance and Governance

Learn how to maintain cloud computing compliance with government regulations and industry standards when moving IT operations and applications to a cloud environment. Also learn about cloud audit procedures, data governance for the cloud and other cloud computing management topics involving security. More about Compliance and Governance


Before purchasing or building cloud systems and services, learn the cloud computing security considerations and challenges involved the various cloud computing architecture models and how to address the "security in the cloud" challenge successfully. More about Architecture


As your organization moves its infrastructure, applications and data into the cloud, security operations such as network security, vulnerability management, data protection and application security, as well as cloud-based security services, take on new importance. Learn how to handle cloud security management, including how to keep the integrity of your data and applications as they move to the cloud and how outsourced IT operations affect security operations. More about Operations


Virtualization is at the core of any cloud computing initiative, regardless of delivery model or deployment method. Service providers, or internal enterprise private cloud managers, use virtualization technology to realize efficiencies and flexibility offered by cloud computing. This section covers the risks and considerations around cloud computing virtualization security, including how to manage and ensure secure multitenancy of virtual machines on a single host, security risks and threats by Web-based hackers to the hypervisor, and how to handle data management and data governance. More about Virtualization