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A look at Amazon's cloud monitoring tool, GuardDuty

The new Amazon GuardDuty aims to secure enterprise AWS accounts and workloads, but does it? Expert Ed Moyle takes a closer look at the tool and whether it's effective.


What the Meltdown CPU flaw means for the cloud

The Meltdown vulnerability has far-reaching implications, including with cloud providers. Expert Dave Shackleford looks at the Meltdown CPU flaw and what it means for the cloud.


How CASBs have evolved within the industry

Cloud access security brokers keep being acquired by bigger security companies. Expert Rob Shapland looks at how these acquisitions have changed the CASB industry.

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SQL injection protection methods in the cloud

SQL injection attacks threaten enterprise database security, but the use of cloud services can reduce the risk. Here's a look at some alternative SQL injection protection methods.

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  • Cloud Data Storage, Encryption and Data Protection Best Practices

    Enterprises' ability to secure the cloud raises doubts

    A new study on cloud data security provides insights into the shaken confidence in the cloud. Despite its increased use, payment and customer data still appears to be at risk.

  • Cloud Provisioning and Cloud Identity Management Issues

    Cloudflare takes a page from Google's BeyondCorp playbook

    Cloudflare takes inspiration from Google's BeyondCorp with a new service called Cloudflare Access, which aims to replace corporate VPNs and embrace perimeter-less security.

  • Cloud Computing Software as a Service (SaaS) Security

    McAfee adds Skyhigh Networks for cloud security push

    In its first big post-Intel move, McAfee agreed to acquire Skyhigh Networks, a leading cloud access security broker, to strengthen its presence in the cloud security market.