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How to run a secure hypervisor deployment

A hypervisor deployment can put the security of an organization at risk, but there are ways to make it secure. Expert Judith Myerson outlines how to make the process safer.


Paravirtualization issues in the Xen hypervisor

In the last couple of years, VM escape vulnerabilities have popped up and caused problems for enterprises that rely on the cloud. Expert Ed Moyle explains how to handle these issues.


Analyzing the risks of Docker REST APIs

Researchers discovered how Docker APIs can be exploited to hide malware. Dave Shackleford explains the attack method and the threat it poses to container and virtual machines.

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How DNS records help with cloud reconnaissance

Knowledge is power, which is why cloud reconnaissance and enumeration are key when it comes to securing the cloud. Expert Frank Siemons explains why and how to do it.

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  • Cloud Patch Management and Cloud Configuration Management

    G Suite access permissions mishaps could cause leaks

    G Suite security faced similar issues to Amazon Web Services, as misconfigured access permissions could have exposed sensitive information from hundreds of Google Groups.

  • Cloud Data Storage, Encryption and Data Protection Best Practices

    Amazon warns users about public AWS S3 buckets

    Following a number of data leaks related to improper AWS S3 bucket policies, Amazon has begun sending warning emails to users with public permissions.

  • Cloud Security Services: Cloud-Based Vulnerability Scanning and Antivirus

    Tenable unveils vulnerability data exchange

    At RSA Conference 2017, Tenable Network Security introduced a cloud-based vulnerability management platform called that allows users to import and export vulnerability data.